Full Length

2 men, 1 women

Fixed Set 

Synopsis: Lilly and Steven are smart, talented, and charming. Their new neighbor is not. After moving into a new apartment, they meet the man they now share a wall with—Mark Manners, an aspiring fiction writer and longtime tenant of the building. Lilly and Steven proceed to Google-stalk Mark and have a field day mocking his website…only to realize the walls are thin. Did he hear everything they said about him? When they try to resolve the newfound tension, it escalates in ways none of them could ever predict.
“Caren…keeps surprises and red herrings in constant churn while having a high time with a symbolic pair of fish in a bowl.” —Los Angeles Times.
“The characters in Jonathan Caren’s contemporary comedy NEED TO KNOW use Facebook and the internet to glean information about others, but while technology plays a pivotal role here, the playwright’s primary concern is ethics: specifically, how we treat the misfits among us—those who may not conform to conventional standards of beauty and behavior.” —LA Weekly.
“NEED TO KNOW is a play for the 21st Century with some subtle…gaffes at society’s perpetual attachment to cell phones, laptops social media, and Googling. Additionally, some hysterical but sobering questions are raised about privacy—or the lack thereof—in today’s world. Playwright Jonathan Caren brilliantly blends funny and frightening with serious topical concerns.” —
“Seductively suspenseful…a provocative psychological cat-and-mouse game with some neat Hitchcockian touches…[Caren] knows how to keep us guessing…” —



Jonathan Caren
Full Length
3 men: 3 total
Flexible Set

Synopsis: Aaron is smart, privileged and liked by everyone. Iskinder, his college roommate, is modest, unconnected and comes from a middle-class immigrant family. Soon the best of friends, Aaron takes Iskinder under his wing, sharing his world of favors and fortune. But the safe haven of college only lasts so long, and once in the real world, Aaron is thrust into a terrifying situation without his familiar safety net. As the tables turn and he is forced to rely on an accused felon’s connections to keep him safe, both Aaron and Iskinder have to rethink the meaning of friendship and where loyalty has its limits.

Los Angeles Premiere, I.A.M.A Theater Company (Dir. Laura Savia)
New York Premiere, The Flea Theater 2013, (Dir. Kel Haney)
World Premiere, Old Globe, Sheryl & Harvey White Theater (Dir. Jon Munby)
The Roundabout Underground 2013 Reading Series (Dir. Laura Savia)
Berkshire Playwright’s Lab, Mahaiwe Theater (Dir. Dan Winerman)
The Manhattan Theater Club’s 2011 7@7 Reading Series (Dir. Evan Cabnet)






“A rousing Recommendation. This is one show about connections, that really does connect.” CRITICS CHOICE

“Few succeed as well as Jonathan Caren in his three man work entitled ‘The Recommendation'” UP TOWN NEWS

“Smart, sassy and surprising. Don’t miss Jonathan Caren’s whip-smart, shape-shifting ‘The Recommendation’. It’s one of the best new plays I’ve seen in years.” NORTH COUNTY TIMES

Winner 2012 CRAIG NOEL AWARD – Most outstanding new play.



Jonathan Caren
Full Length

2 men, 2 women: 4 total
Flexible Set

Synopsis: Allison is a hardened, ambitious New York journalist on assignment in Los Angeles. She casts a line out in a club and baits three young adults who seem to fit the bill—Hollywood youth obsessed with appearance and consumption. Though she thinks she’s just angling for a good story, Allison finds herself unexpectedly reeled in by Jordan, a disarmingly charming and complex young man desperately trying to hide his past. Allison finds herself hooked and is surprised when the relationship results in her own self-reflection. She promises Jordan that the article she writes will benefit his career and assures him he can trust her, but the deeper they get, the more they both fear they are going to get caught.

Midwest Premiere, Poor Theater, Chicago (Dir. Will Crouse)
Los Angeles Premiere, The Elephant Theater (Dir. Lindsay Allbaugh)
New York Premiere, NY Fringe Festival (Dir. Kirstin Hanggi)




“Four stars. Poignant material.” TIME OUT NEW YORK

“This playwright says something different.” VARIETY

“WINNER – Most Outstanding Play.” FRINGE

“This fish is a keeper.”




Jonathan Caren

Short Play, Comedy

Synopsis: 3 former jocks infiltrate an all-female high school dance company. A short play for teenagers.



A rich and varied selection of monologues from plays.










Synopsis: Jake and Kate hire a handyman to help them build their dream home, but it becomes a nightmare situation when he gets injured on the job.

IAMA Theater (Dir. Adrienne Campbell-Holt), Williamstown Theater Festival Reading (Laura Savia), Premiere Stages Playwright’s Festival, Reading, IAMA Theater (Dir. Danny Goldstein), Echo Lab Reading (Dir. Danny Goldstein)



Synopsis:  (2M, 2F) Peter’s kids are all grown up. His wife is in Africa following her passion. But what’s his passion? When Peter discovers dancing at musical festivals, it gives him a new reason for living. What many think is a breakdown turns out to be a breakthrough for Peter, who is determined to share the experience with his co-worker Raman Gupta. But when Peter tries to help Raman find a woman on the way to The Electric Daybreak Festival in South Lake Tahoe, the experience changes both their lives forever.

Sundance Theater Lab Finalist (Dir. Davis McCallum), The Flea Theater First Look Series, (Dir. Davis McCallum), Conceived at Space @Ryder Farm, New York (Dir. Portia Kreiger)



Synopsis: Adam arrives at Brandon’s childhood home for Memorial Day to discover a hole in the roof and a deep seeded family secret: the death of a troubled brother nobody wants to talk about. But Adam’s presence offers the family a chance to cope, if not heal, from an endless trauma. A heart wrenching, hilarious look into a California family living on the edge of hope and despair.

Manhattan Theater Club 7@7 Reading Series, (Dir. Evan Cabnet)Rogue Machine & The Piece Project, Los Angeles (Dir. Ian Forester)Partial Comfort Welcome Mat Series (Dir. Mia Rovgeno)