Up Next: Serials at The Flea

Jon Caren @ The Flea
Up This Week. Next Week? Who Knows.

This weekend, I’m up!   Come see my first incarnation of “The Playwright Killer” at The Flea with Alex Herrald, Tommy Crawford and Sade Namei.  Directed By Tamara Fisch.

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serials@theflea is a raucous late night play competition featuring The Bats and some of NYC’s hottest young playwrights. Live music and free beer help fuel this weekly event, which runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. All tickets are only $10.

In #serials@theflea, five teams of Bats perform original ten-minute episodic plays. The audience will vote for its three favorite pieces, which return the next week with a new installment. The teams with the two least popular stories must likewise come back the following week, but with entirely different serialized plays.

Alex Herrald on Jon Caren Writes
Alex Herrald
Sade Namei on Jon Caren Writes
Sade Namei
Tommy Crawford on Jon Caren Writes
Tommy Crawford