Untitled New Play, Reading Tuesday July 19th 6:30PM @NYSAF

The first reading of my new untitled play (Working Title:  Everything Under The Sun) takes place Tuesday, July 19th at New York Stage and Film.  I wrote it during my time here at Vassar College, but the play takes place across the country in the sun-drenched hills of  Santa Barbara.  Brooklyn Adam heads west to join his best friend at his parents’  house for the summer, but when he gets there, he finds himself an unexpected guest in the middle of a tragic divorce.  The reading will be directed by Evan Cabnet with the incredibly talented Besty Aidem, Larry Pine, Matt Stadelmann, Bryce Pinkham & Emily Young.  Ironically, I went to Vassar College as an undergrad.  During my freshman year my parents split up.  It’s only fitting  I wrote the play in a dorm room here ten years later.  Rather than give away more details, here are some inspirational images I drew from.

Inspiration, New Jon Caren Play
Coast Living & Beaches
Hipstamatic, Hypercolor Jon Caren
Orange, Sun Drenched Light
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California Sunshine, Jon Caren
Blinding Light from the California Sun