Berkshire Playwright’s Lab – The Recommendation

The Recommendation will inaugurate the 2011 Berkshire Playwright’s Lab on Wednesday June 15th, directed by Dan Winerman.  The play will go through three days of intensive rehearsals, followed by a staged reading.  The performance is free and open to the public.  For more info or tickets click here.

Berkshire Playwrights, The recommendation by Jonathan Caren
June 15th, The Recommendation by Jonathan Caren

Last season’s plays included:

EYES FORWARD by Philip Gerson

A valuable painting stolen by the Nazis during WWII forms the background for two extraordinary love stories in two different countries, seven decades apart.  A story of the need for human connection in the present and to the past, it is about love and reconciliation, and the healing power of art.  Directed by Bob Jaffe

MAKE SURE IT’S ME by Kate Wenner

In a university brain trauma clinic five vets,injured in IED explosions in Iraq, confront the truth that their lives will never be the same again.  Josephine Fitch, the passionate, tough-minded doctor treating them, decides to expose the Pentagon’s indifference to the epidemic of brain injuries that she believes will turn out to be the Agent Orange of the Iraq War.  Directed by Joe Cacaci

TAMARACK HOUSE by Michael Dowling

A big, old boarding house sits on a beautiful spot of land in a small New England town. But…its days are numbered. Giant developments are encroaching. The house is run down and beat up but still has hidden potential, not unlike the five current residents. The guys who live there have to figure out what to do – and quick. Directed by Jim Frangione

KEEPING TIME by Joe Cacaci with original music by Bennie Wallace

New York City, 1965. Willie, a black pianist / composer / singer and Paul, a white singer, are the closest of friends.  Their long-running act is finally on the brink of getting its big break, when the two men get caught up in and off guard by the civil rights movement, threatening both their friendship and their dream. This bracing play includes original music and a few standards. Directed by Joe Cacaci


A romantic comedy about the search for the holy grail of love.  After dozens of horrible blind dates, Debbie and Dan meet – she’s a Jewish artist from New York, he’s an intellectual, Protestant from New Jersey.  Despite their chemistry, obstacles conspire against them: meddling parents, involved exes, and interstate lines.  Can Debbie and Dan take a leap-of-faith to find a love that is potentially…better than chocolate?  Directed by Matthew Penn

SCAM by Blair MacKenzie

When social misfit Savanna Keener brings home the Nigerian boyfriend she met online, her white suburban family is immediately suspicious.  Is the handsome, sliver-tongued Morris really in love with their awkward daughter, or are his intentions more nefarious?  The ensuing conflict, both hilarious and poignant, exposes family fault lines and raises the question:  Who is scamming whom?  Directed by Tom Bloom