Serials @ The Flea

Here’s what will be going on later this summer…

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Get ready to get irreverent...

serials@theflea is a raucous late night play competition featuring The Bats and some of NYC’s hottest young playwrights. Live music and free beer help fuel this weekly event, which runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. All tickets are only $10.

In #serials@theflea, five teams of Bats perform original ten-minute episodic plays. The audience will vote for its three favorite pieces, which return the next week with a new installment. The teams with the two least popular stories must likewise come back the following week, but with entirely different serialized plays.

Jonathan Caren Stephen Stout
The Honchos

Participating playwrights include Lucy Alibar (Too Little Too Late), Josh Barrett (HBO’s Generation Kill), Patrick Barrett (Follow Me Down), Randy Blair and Tim Drucker (Spidermusical), Rachel Bonds (Michael & Edie), E.J.C. Calvert (The Bird Girl), Jonathan Caren (The Recommendation at The Old Globe), Joshua Conkel (milkmilklemonade), Stacy Davidowitz (Pink!), Dylan Dawson (Woodshed Collective’s upcoming The Tenant), Lila Feinberg (Monkey Bowl), Halley Feiffer (How to Make Friends and Then Kill Them), Edith Freni (Baby Girl), Jonathan Goldberg (The Landwhale Murders), Joshua Elias Harmon (Love in the Time of Channukah), Jessica S. Hinds (Nevin), Nick Jones (LCT3’s The Coward), Boo Killebrew (They’re Just Like Us), JC Lee (Julliard Playwriting Fellow), Eric John Meyer (The Sister at The Brick), Michael Mitnick (2nd Stage Uptown’s The Sex Lives of Our Parents), Vickie Ramirez (Public Theater Emerging Writers Group), David West Read (Roundabout Underground’s The Dream of the Burning Boy), Sharyn Rothstein (Camp Monster), Jordan Seavey (The Truth Will Out), Crystal Skillman (The Vigil), Kevin Christopher Snipes (The Chimes at SPF), and Emily Chadick Weiss (EST/Youngblood).

Bands for Cycle 3 include Aunts&Uncles, Boy Girl Party, Grace McLean and Them Apples, Great Dog Almighty, The Harmonious Pimps of Harmony, HolidayHoliday, Nathan Leigh and the Travelling Salesmen and Teen Girl Scientist Monthly.

Created by Bat company members Dominic Spillane and Stephen Stout, in collaboration with Jim Simpson, #serials@theflea is directed by Nicole Greene and Mia Walker, The Flea’s resident directors, Mary Birnbaum, Jeremy Bloom, Jess Chayes, Tamara Fisch, Kel Haney, Luke Harlan, Kate Pines, Brian Smith, Allison Troup-Jensen, and Sarah Elizabeth Wansley.

The production features over 50 members of The Bats, The Flea’s resident company of actors, including Tiffany Abercrombie, Brett Aresco, Crystal Arnette, Musa Bacon, Satomi Blair, Allison Buck, Veracity Butcher, Ugo Chukwu, Thomas Crawford, Brent Dixon, Greg Engbrecht, Bobby Foley, Katherine Folk-Sullivan, Eric Folks, Michael Goldlist, Morgan Harris, Grant Harrison, Halima Henderson, Alex Herrald, Harrison Hill, Josephine Huang, Amanda Idoko, Raul Julia, Yvette King, Vin Kirdakorn, Maren Langdon, Georgia X. Lifsher, Sean McIntyre, Michael Micalizzi, Kate Michaud, Seth Moore, Megha Nabe, Sade Namei, Joy Natoma, Frank Paiva, Reynaldo Pinillia, Briana Pozner, Donaldo Prescod, Ivano Pulito, Brett Robinson, Anita Sabherwal, Joann Sacco, Zak Sandler, Nicky Schmidlein, Michelle Silvani, Dominic Spillane, Stephen Stout, Hansel Tan, Ronald Washington, Akyiaa Wilson and Monica Wyche.

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The Place

Cycle 3 of #serials@theflea runs June 9-August 20th, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11pm. Tickets are only available at the door and are cash only.

The Flea is located at 41 White Street between Church and Broadway, three blocks south of Canal, close to the A/C/E, N/R/Q, 6, J/M/Z and 1 subway lines.